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Earlier this month I traveled to Scenic Heights Elementary to read and present Little Sock. Unfortunately Kia was tied up with her daytime job as a Sociology professor so this was my first time reading/presenting on my own.

I have the tendency to make mountains out of mole hills and I was a bit nervous to be on my own, (I prefer to be behind a drafting table and not in front of an audience) but the students at Scenic Heights made this one of the most fun readings I’ve done so far.

I’m always overjoyed when I hear the collective laughter of children. It’s in my nature to be goofy but performing in front of a crowd feels less intuitive. When I’m interacting with children I always remember a phrase an improv instructor said when having a dialogue: respond to interactions with ‘yes…and…’. In other words, be open-minded to all answers.

When I am presenting at schools my goal is to make students feel like they can say anything to me no matter how silly. The last thing I want to do, as an artist, is squash creativity, which stems from being goofy.

Thanks to the students at Scenic Heights for making sure I don’t take myself too seriously and for allowing me to read Little Sock to them. A special thanks to Melinda Barry for helping me with the presentation.

Here are some of the students original sock characters!

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